Garvari's Journey

In the enchanting valleys of Kashmir, where the Himalayas kissed the heavens, a tale of timeless elegance began. It was a story woven not just with threads but with the essence of tradition, beauty, and grace. This is the story of Garvari.

Born in Canada and raised in the bustling streets of Delhi, my journey with Garvari began as a curious child. Each year, just before winter's embrace, I would hear a captivating voice echoing through our neighborhood, "shawl walla." It was an invitation, a melody that beckoned me to explore.

With wide eyes filled with wonder, I ventured out one crisp evening to discover the source of this enchanting call. There, before me, stood a man on a rickshaw, his back seat stacked high with bundles that held a world of secrets. Plain white cloth covered the outside, but through the cracks and ties, colors of unimaginable beauty peeked through.

As I approached, the man, with a gentle Kashmiri accent, asked if my parents were home. Rushing inside with curiosity lighting up my heart, I informed my parents of the arrival of the "shawl walla." Intrigued, they joined me outside.

My gaze was fixated on my mother, asking inquisitively, "Mom, who is he? What's in the white bundle, mom? can I see it?!"

She smiled, and her eyes danced with anticipation as she replied, "He's from Kashmir, dear. He brings with him traditional shawls, scarfs, and stoles." What are those mom?

The "shawl walla" continued to insist us to explore the treasures he had brought. Curiosity piqued, my parents invited him onto our veranda. With each bundle he opened, a new world unfurled before our eyes.

One by one, he unveiled the pieces, each a masterpiece of its own. He handed them to my mother, encouraging her to drape them over her shoulder. My father, too, joined in the selection, helping my mother choose a few exquisite pieces. I watched in awe as my parents became adorned in these beautiful shawls and scarves.

The "shawl walla" didn't just offer wool; he offered stories. With each piece, he shared tales of Kashmir, of artisans whose hands had woven dreams into reality. He spoke of the softness of cashmere, the warmth of Pashmina, and the finesse of Merino wool. Each piece had its unique narrative, a testament to the rich heritage of Kashmiri craftsmanship.

That evening, as the "shawl walla" departed, our hearts and home were enriched. We weren't just left with shawls and scarves; we were left with an enduring appreciation for the artistry of Kashmir.

Over the years, I looked back and kept revisiting that memory of mind. Maybe it was the way the "Shawl Walla" told us the story. Years after, I decided I wanted to share the same excitement I felt with everyone else and highlight the Kashmiri artisans who have been weaving threads in the form of memories for centuries.

So, dear reader, whenever you wrap yourself in the ethereal softness of a Garvari scarf or shawl, may you feel the embrace of a culture steeped in elegance and tradition. For in each thread, Garvari carries the heart and soul of the artisans who wove it, and the timeless story of Kashmiri craftsmanship.

Garvari is not merely a brand; it's a journey, a tribute to the artisans, and a celebration of the heritage that continues to thread its way into the hearts of those who appreciate the beauty of tradition, captured in threads of elegance.

Disclaimer: Not all pieces are hand made. Please read the product descriptions for more details*